How to Make a Vintage Glass Cake Stand

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Don’t you adore a pretty cake…on a lovely cake stand?

It’s like it’s sitting up there saying “look at me”.  Well, we put it up there to kind of say, look at me don’t we?  On a pedestal?  One of my sister’s has a number of cake stands and when I visit she has things displayed so prettily on them.  Whether they’re cookies, or cinnamon rolls or even cupcakes, I think they look adorable sitting up tall just saying “eat me”.  


I’ve recently read a few fiction books by Jenny Colgan about little British Bakeries so maybe that’s what was on my mind when I was wandering through a few thrift stores recently.  Go with a list and you’ll come back with a few projects to get your creative juices going.  But this post isn’t about goodwill hunting.  That will be another time:)

It’s a pretty easy project to tackle with little time involved.  Just a few supplies and a bit a patience as some glues require time to dry.  When gathering your supplies I have some tips to keep in mind.  You’re going to need a glass candlestick.  The ones I chose were shorter than 5″ as I didn’t want something too tall.  You can also use a small cut crystal glass as well, turned upside down.  There are a lot of these in the china section.

 You’re also going to need a glass plate.  I’ve seen adorable small cupcake pedestals all the way up to large cake ones, so keep your eyes open.  If you’re looking for a larger plate, keep in mind you’ll need a base that’s larger as well for stability.  Look for a pedestal type candle holder.  You can see in my photos that I found a nice one for my larger, heavy plate.  

Another thing to keep in mind when buying your plate is if there is a textured pattern on the underside of your plate. You’ll need a thicker glue to bond properly.  On one of my candlesticks, I had a very slight ridge around the top, which is fine but when glueing you’ll need a thicker glue and make sure you glue it plate side down and leave it set for a good bond.  I found this out the hard way.


  • Glass Candlestick or Crystal Wine Glass
  • Glass Plate  
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • Cotton Cloth for drying
  • Glue for Bonding Glass.  I used Elmer’s ProBond because that’s what I had on hand and it worked great.  It has a thin applicator that doesn’t clog.  There is also Loctite Super Glue which bonds almost immediately.Beacon Glass Glue is a good  glue that is thicker and would work well on the textured plates.  


  • Wash candlestick inside and out with a Mr. Clean Magic Erase (type of scrubber)
  • Wash plate as well.  If it has a lot of crevasses and is dirty and greasy use the magic eraser on it as well.
  • Dry with a cotton cloth and buff to a nice shine
  • Mark the center of the plate on top with a permanent marker.  You can do this using your eye or trace the plate onto paper, fold in half and then half again to find the center point.  Cut a small hole and open up.  Lay on the plate and mark the spot
  • If the underside of the plate is not flat (has texture or ridges) turn the plate upside down on a flat surface.  If there is any ridge on your candlestick, you’ll also want to use this method and a thicker glue to make your cake stand.  Put a generous amount of glue on the candlestick and turn upside down on the plate
  • If there are no ridges put glue around the edge of the candlestick and place your plate on top (centering please). 
  • Let Dry


I would suggest for a long life to hand wash gently.  These are so fun and easy to make it’s nice to have a few extra on hand so if you’re making a cake or  sweet little cupcake treat for someone you can gift them the stand as well.  

Wouldn’t one of your kids or grandkids love to blow out a candle on a treat sitting on a little pedestal?   It just makes it a little more special:)  Next time she will!

Enjoy and send me a picture of what you end up creating.  


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